I would like to persuade Ms. Camille to get a ropes course because it will be fun for are school.


Miss C
03/16/2013 9:55am

Great job Bergen. A ropes course would be a great way to exercise and have fun! Great job on your punctuation and capitalization!

Ms. Monica
03/16/2013 10:14pm

Wow! If we get a ropes course, we will need a really good leader for that program. Lots of trust is needed! Great idea!

Ms. Theresa
03/18/2013 7:32am

I think that would be a very fun thing to have at our school!

Ms. Camille
03/18/2013 2:11pm

Bergen, do you have ropes course experience? I don't but I definitely want to try it! Can you give me any advice or ideas of what I should do to prepare? With all of the interest in ropes courses, I wouldn't be surprised if our new play yard had something rope-ish in it :-)

Miss Mindy
03/19/2013 8:40am

Great job Bergen! I like your idea.


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